Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Website

With the keyboard still hot from coding, without further adieu, my website!

Please look here at

questions, comments, critiques? please post them here in this thread. The website is still under a bit of construction but for now I'm satisfied. A thanks is due to Steve who helped with the image rotation function on the top left.


Pascal Dizin said...

Looking good Conor!

I like the header images that change, and your inks look damn nice shrunk down. Super crisp. That first page of the Opal story with the city reveal, really pops.

Some website advice you can take or leave:
I might add a border to all the nav buttons on the top (like you have around the comics button) and maybe have a little more white space between them. That main page especially is pretty hectic and could use a bit more white space.
You could probably do away with that first page altogether (even thought the image is cool, it doesn't really serve much purpose..) and link straight to the news page, or something.

I don't know what you're using to code the site, but it looks like you're mostly using tables to lay everything out. In the future, you might look into using CSS. I know it's a whole different animal to get into, but trust me - once you figure it out, it makes things much easier in the long run. Especially when you want to update the site quickly.

Mostly, the site looks and works great, especially since it's your first try.

Good stuff!

Patrick Hughes said...
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Patrick Hughes said...

haha. din't know you had to click on little images to get a big one i could see properly. i didn't notice, but maybe you have a 'click to enlarge' line for yokels like myself!

puddle said...

Conor, I think your site looks great! I have been trying to get started on my own comic book based on a short story I wrote a while ago but never went any further with. I think it will work well in a comic format. Are you a natural cartoonist or do you have to work quite hard at it? I am finding it difficult to find a starting point and style to go with, any tips you can send my way would be greatly appreciated.